Wednesday, Dec 12, 2018

Purnam Poli


1) 300gms. channa (yellowgram) dal
2) 300 gms. jaggery (bellam)
3) 1 tsp. cardamom powder
4) 150 gms. plain flour
5) 1 tbsp. ghee
6) warm water to knead dough
7) ghee to serve


1) Boil dal in plenty of water till soft but not broken.
2) Drain in a colander for 10-15 minutes.
3) Pass through an almond grater little by little till all dal is grated.
4) Mash jaggery till lumps break. Mix well into dal.
5) Put mixture and cardamom powder in a heavy saucepan and cook till a soft lump is formed.
6) Take care to stir continuously, so as not to charr. Keep aside.
7) Mix ghee, flour, add enough water to make soft pliable dough.
8) Take a morsel-sized ball of dough, roll into a 4 inch round.
9) Place same sized ball of filling in centre, life all round and seal.
10) Reroll carefully to a 6inch diameter round.
11) Roast on warm griddle till golden brown.
12) Repeat other side.
13) Take on serving plate. Apply a tsp. of ghee all over top.

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