Tuesday, Nov 20, 2018


People in Manthani, by and large, totally depend on the traditional life style and stand very much inline with the prescribed norms of Hindu life style.
From ages old times, Manthani is known for its talents in various disciplines right from the traditional Vedic Scholars to the latest Software Professionals. There are people from Manthani who carved their niche in different fields or professions. There are Vedic Scholars, Teachers, Dramatists, Musicians, Singers, Dancers, Engineers, Doctors, Linguists, Politicians, Legal Experts, Journalists, etc. etc. …..the list is appreciably lengthy. There is never a dearth in talents from this tiny village.

While we request all the visitors to help us update the input in this particular site, we proudly present a list of such luminaries who are either from our village or who are closely associated to our village. Our tributes to Veterans are in separate link.