Monday, Oct 22, 2018


‘Sarvejahan sukhino bhavantu’ says Vedas. We all do believe that God bestows all such health & wealth that an individual deserves basing on his past karmas. While totally believing on karma sidhanta and

benefits derived from past karmas, our Sages, Elders & Vedamurti Brahmans always pours on Aashirvadams…. Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu…

For such ‘Welfare of All’… Loka Kalyanam.. Yagnas are prescribed to be performed desiring for such Loka Kalyanam. However, our daily domestic poojas / offerings are normally meant for individual or family well being. For such Loka Kalyanam purposes, we need to perform Yagnas, Yagas, Pratyeka Poojas as a Community. It is with such an intention of Loka Kalyanam that Special Poojas, etc., are performed at various Temples, etc. At Tirupati, Pushpa Yagam is pefromed on Every Friday and on every auspicious occasion where varieties of Flowers are used in special pooja to Lord of Seven Hills.

For other smaller Temples, etc. where finaicial and other facilities are NOT available, we have very few people who are blessed with intentions for conducting such Sarvajanahita Poojas/ Yagnams / PUshpa Yagams, etc.,

Almost 2 years back, on 23rd, 24th & 25th January, 2008, Smt. & Shri Rampally Satyanarayana garu performed MAHA RUDRA SWAHAKARAM at Bhiksheshwara Temple in Manthani. Shri Manikya Somayajulu was the Priest with 42 Other Brahmins and 2 Homa Gundams. Purpose of the Maha Rudram was Loka Kalyanam and Lord Bhiksheshwara’s blessings were sought for wellbeing of Manthani in general. With the cooperation of many Manthanians the Sankalpam of Smt. & Shri Rampally Satyanarayana were translated into actions.

Again on Sunday, the 15th Sept., 2010, Smt. & Shri Rampally Satyanarayana were blessed with another such Sankalpam. They successfully performed Pushpa Yagam at Maha Laxmi Temple in Manthani. 107 different varieties of Flowers were specifically brought from Bengaluru for this purpose. Brahmashri Mangalampalli Venugopala Sharma and Brahmashri Puranam Maheshwara Sharma were the Priests. Lordess Maha Laxmi was given Abhishekam with Panchamutams then was fully adorned with Special Silk Clothes & other Ornaments, whereafter, Lordess Maha Laxmi was worshipped during recitation of Shri Suktam and Purusha Suktam with those flowers brought from Bengaluru consisting 107 different types. A special CHANDI HOMAM was also performed after Pushpa Yagam. Poornahuti, Mangala Harati, Mahtra PUshpam were also performed after the Pooja with specific prayers for general wellbeing of Manthani. Many citigens of Manthani were blessed to witness the Pushpa Yagam progamme and also enjoyed the Prasadam, Maha Prasadam during Anna Danam immediately performed thereafter.

Recently also, with help & cooperation of many acquaintances, a ATI RUDRA SWAHAKARAM was pefromed at GOKARNAM under auspicious guidance of Brahmashri Manikya Somayajulu garu. The response and cooperation received was overwhelming.