Tuesday, Nov 20, 2018


Manthani is mainly limited to its own 6 Sq. Km. area through the ages.
With the socio-economic changes in the society and common man’s life, the daily life necessities of local people from nearby villages have increased and reached a modern day level. This increase in necessities has forced those villagers to reach out for their requirements and their first and immediate choice is Manthani. Thus, Manthani’s entity in current structure has extended beyond its known limits. Surayya Palle, Gangapuri, Kakarla Palle, Gudrevula, Eklaspur, etc. are the villages that are surrounding and depending upon Manthani. These villages are smaller in size and have become by and large parts of main Manthani that are inseparable and much like Manthani’s own streets.

The social and economic life of these villages is totally dependent on Manthani and the facilities of infrastructure; education, transportation, communication, etc. are very much used by the residents of these villages as if they are also the residents of Manthani.

In fact, Manthani people never separated residents of these villages from themselves and some of the residents of these villages are well known Manthanians and made Manthani proud in their respective fields of achievement.